Helistar Resources Sdn Bhd (845650-K) was incorporated on 18 February 2009 and commenced operations in March 2009. The business and operations office is located as follows

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Single Pole Utility Mount in AS350B2

Helistar is proud to announce the latest development of our helicopter capability where, now the Single Pole Utility Mount (SPUM) can be mounted to our AS350B2 helicopter. With this DCA approved mount, the aerial filming for 360 degrees is yet possible.

With this capability, Helistar has been engaged to perfom several aerial filming assignments, two of them being the Le Tour De Langkawi 2014 aerial filming live telecast which was held in February to March 2014 and live telecast of the Sepang 2014 F1 event in March 2014. The universal mount which can be attached to the SPUM also allows the helicopter to carried out aerial inspections and survey using various systems.

Malaysia Air Festival 2011

In conjunction with the Centennial Celebration of Aviation in Malaysia, the first ever Malaysia Air Festival initiated by the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia was held at the Subang Skypark on 26 and 27 November 2011.

Helistar was invited to be involved in this air festival i.e. to provide helicopter joyrides of 5 to 6 minutes at an affordable rate to visitors. Helistar received good response on these two days. It was noted a family from Penang took the joyride on first day and came again on Sunday just for the joyride experience! On the tarmac, visitors got to view static display of some of the latest new generation aviation aircraft i.e. Cirrus, Cessna Grand Caravan and many more. And in the sky, visitors were awed with aerial activities such as aerobatics displays and parajumps. Beside the above, in the terminal building of the Subang Skypark, there were aviation expo booths comprising among others the 100 Years of Aviation Pictorial Journey brought in by the New Straits Times Press archives centre, career talks related to the aviation field and science demonstrations.

Giving high-end tourists a bird's eye view

Picture shows Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen placing a sticker on the 1Malaysia Helicopter Tour at Skypark Terminal 3 yesterday. Looking on are Skypark chief executive Tan Sri Ravindran Menon (right) and Tourism Malaysia director-general Datuk Azizan Noordin. — NST picture by Yazit Razali

SUBANG: Tourists looking for "high-end" bird's eye view of the city, Langkawi and Sabah can hop onto 1Malaysia Helicopter Tour's helicopters.The company provides 10 helicopters for the purpose, with the package from as low as RM1,250. Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen said the goal was to attract more high-end tourists to Malaysia. "This will help bolster our tourism industry besides providing a memorable experience for those who want to get a taste of the good life but are always chasing time."We will see how the results are in a few more months but we are already getting a good response from the Middle East, India and China. This arrangement will fit into the demands of businessmen and investors who want to see more of what the country has to offer," Dr Ng said. "The pilots have the ability to converse with tourists and to point out prominent landmarks and locations. "As Malaysia is blessed with islands, rivers, lakes and rainforests, the helicopter tours will provide an exciting way for tourists to observe the country's rugged terrain, skyscrapers and others." Dr Ng added that more than 24 million tourists who came to the country last year spent about RM56 billion. "We hope to achieve the target of 36 million tourists coming to this country by the year 2020.

Land your dream wedding at Saujana

Make a truly grand entrance by helicopter

Models dressed up as the bride and groom were taken for a helicopter ride, which landed at the garden of the hotel as a demonstration.

2011 F1 Ground Support Medical Team - Doctors and Para Medics Medical Team

Helistar, from 7th to 10th April 2011, had been given the trust to provide the MEDEVAC Services to support the Medical Team for the F1 Sepang event. This is the 4th consecutive time that Helistar had been entrusted to. The trial dry run flight took off to transport the "injured patients" to Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Hospital (HUKM). Helistar flew with both helicopters AS350B2 and EC120 and landed on the football field next to HUKM.

Helistar's in timing transporting the "injured patients" met the expected timing set by the Head of the Medical Team. On 10th Apr 2011, Helistar provided aerial escort to the F1 Medical Team convoy along the Sepang race track. Thankfully, there was no requirement for MEDEVAC services during the F1 Sepang event but nevertheless Helistar's dedicated personnel were on standby throughout the event should any mishap occur.

Info - Helicopter Safety

Safety in helicopter flying should always be the number one priority. Take your time to understand the hazards and the tips below to improve your safety awareness when dealing with helicopter operations.