Helistar Resources Sdn Bhd (845650-K) was incorporated on 18 February 2009 and commenced operations in March 2009. The business and operations office is located as follows



Helistar Resources Sdn Bhd (HRSB) is a wholly Malaysian owned and operated company. The company was formed in 2009 by a group of aviation professionals with over 90 years of combined experience in the industry, HRSB provides a wide range of helicopter services (click SERVICES to view) such as charter services, aviation management and consultancy services and aircraft management services.

The company holds a valid and current Air Operator Certificate (AOC) which is issued by the Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation and is prerequisite to carryout charter services. The company also registered with the Ministry of Finance. Our premise is located in Subang Airport, Malaysia.

Since inception, HRSB has continously emerged to meet the growing demands of the malaysian market.


  • Make :Agusta Westland.
  • Type: AW 109 S
  • Registration No.: 9M-BFT
  • Seating Capacity: 6 Passangers + 1 Pilot.
  • Interior: Air Conditioned, carpeted and large windows for good visibility.
  • Cruise speed: 135 Kts (250 Km/hr)
  • Others: Maximum All Up Weight 3175 Kg.


  • Make :Eurocopter.
  • Type: AS 350 B2. (Ecureuil)
  • Registration No.: 9M-TBL
  • Seating Capacity: 5 Passengers + 1 Pilot.
  • Interior: Air Conditioned, Leather Seat, carpeted and large windows for good visibility.
  • Cruise speed: 110 Kts (203 Km/hr)
  • Others: Has underslung capability. Maximum All Up Weight 2250 Kg.


  • Make :Eurocopter.
  • Type: EC 120 B (Colibri)
  • Registration No.: 9M-BSR and 9M-SBK
  • Seating Capacity: 4 Passengers + 1 Pilot.
  • Interior: Air Conditioned, carpeted and large windows for good visibility.
  • Cruise speed: 110 Kts (203 Km/hr)
  • Others: Maximum All Up Weight 1715 Kg.


The company possess a current and valid Air Service Permit to conduct Non Schedule Commercial Operations and a valid and current Air Operator Certificate (No 42) for all the helicopters being operated by Helistar, both of which are issued by the Departmental of Civil Aviation Malaysia and are mandatory requisites for the conduct of commercial aviation operations.

The company is registered with The Treasury as a supplier of aviation related services and products, registration number 357-02151466.

Company Management

The management of Helistar is by a group of aviation profesionals headed by a role team that follows;

  • Capt. Hassan Zahari : Chief Pilot

  • Mr. Norisham Abu Kassim : Director, Special Projects

  • Mr. Jagjeet Singh : Flight Dispatch Supervisor

  • Capt. Bagawan Singh : Accountable Manager


The company plans to venture into the following businesses in the future:

  • Tourism and Eco-tourism flights
  • City tours and joyrides
  • Dedicated helicopter services to selected resorts
  • Shuttle flights - KLIA to city and vice versa
  • Operations within the Asean region
  • Government contract/s
  • Offshore Helicopter Services
  • Fixed Wing Operations including Business Jet
  • Aviation related down-stream activities
  • Continued Management of third party aircrafts/helicopters
  • Set – up operations in Sarawak (Bintulu ) and Johor (Senai Apt)


Although the company was incorporated in February 2009, nevertheless a director and all the key personnel of the company have been in the aviation industry for over 35 years each and have worked together in similar capacity during our immediate previous employment. Our overall past achievements are briefly as follows:

  • Major development projects in Langkawi, Putrajaya, TanjungPelepas (Johore), Industrial Park Tg. Gelang (Kuantan), Penang, Kenyir Lake, etc
  • KLIA development (aerial photography from a total green area till completion)
  • KLIA 2 development – aerial photography
  • VVIP, VIP and corporate flights, both local and foreign.
  • Formula 1 – since inception till now – provision of Medical Evacuation and VIP flights
  • Filming of numerous TV commercials and movies, both local and foreign – Hollywood / Bollywood
  • Management of corporate helicopters
  • Aviation management and consultancy services to local and foreign aviation and corporate companies
  • Government charter flights for Flying Doctor Service, JabatanUkur (border demarcation), JabatanPengairandanSaliran (Hydrology Station Maintenance) and flights for certain Ministrys.
  • Provision of Helicopter Services, Support and Coordinate during General and State Elections both in East and West Malaysia.
  • Major road and railway construction works, (aerial photography of dual tracking project, Karak to Kuantan highway, ELITE Highway, West Coast Highway,etc)
  • Setting up of aviation companies and obtaining the required Permits and Certificates to conduct flight operations.
  • Set up of offshore operations in Malaysian together with a foreign operator for two different companies and obtaining the ASP & AOC.
  • LIDAR Flights for Government Agencies and National Interest Projects, including in East Malaysia.
  • FLIR and Corona Scanning Flights for Power Distribution Companies
  • Numerous special event flights such as launching of products, family days, weddings, anniversaries, engagements, proposal, birthdays, etc.
  • ERL – aerial photography and LIDAR of entire proposed track from KL to Johore
  • LIDAR Scanning of Oil Palm Estates
  • Helicopter Under slung operations in support of the restoration of high tension cable towers in areas inaccessible by road
  • Launching of KL City Helicopter Tours by Hon Minister of Tourism in 2014
  • Emergency medical evacuation from ships, hospitals and interior locations
  • Helicopter Relief Operations during Tsunami in Acheh, Indonesia in 2006 and the Kelantan Floods in 2014
  • Helicopter support for projects by NGOs and charity organisations
  • Promotion od Helicopter Adventure Tours in collaboration with an Outdoor Adventure Activities Company